Dental Crowns in Fulton

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Dental crowns in Fulton

Dental crowns in Fulton

Our dental crowns in Fulton are used for many different purposes. They can reinforce a tooth that has been weakened by tooth decay or is cracked or chipped. When root canal therapy is necessary, a crown is used to restore your tooth back to its full size after the top of it is drilled away to gain access to the pulp. They can even be used strictly cosmetically, to cover a tooth that is discolored, stained, misshapen, or crooked. We at St. George Family Dental will help you to have a more attractive smile and stronger teeth with the use of crowns.

Materials used for our dental crowns in Fulton vary depending on your personal situation as well as the location of the tooth in your mouth. Porcelain or ceramic are often preferred for the teeth that are visible when you smile. Those materials look very much like your other teeth and blend in very well. For back teeth, which take the brunt of chewing force, porcelain baked to metal might be the most ideal solution. Our cosmetic dentist will gov over your options with you and help you to find the one that is best for your circumstances.

You will typically need two visits to our office in order to get our dental crowns in Fulton. The first session will involve taking impressions that are sent off to the dental lab so that your crown can be crafted to the most precise measurements. When you come back for the second time, the crown will be fitted to you, adjusted as necessary, and then cemented into place for a long-lasting solution.

In addition to the uses already discussed, our dental crowns in Fulton are also used as part of full-tooth restorations. When you get a fixed bridge, the neighboring tooth on each side needs to anchor the bridge. This requires that those teeth are drilled down and a crown is put on top to secure the anchor in place. And with a dental implant, the tooth portion that is cemented to the titanium post is also a crown. In all cases, you will have a tooth that is made better, fuller, and more reliable as the result of adding a crown.

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