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Your smile not only introduces you to everyone you meet but can affect the way you feel about yourself. Teeth that are discolored and stained or a row of yellowed teeth won’t help you make that brilliant first impression or bump up your self-esteem. Our Fulton dentist specializes in cosmetic dental services of all types offering the folks in surrounding communities expert teeth whitening options to bring back their lustrous smiles. At St. George Family Dental we use both in-office whitening procedures and at-home teeth whitening solutions, depending on your preference, lifestyle, time and budget.

Teeth whitening usually is synonymous with teeth bleaching, which is a chemical process to lighten the color of teeth. There are several different solutions that can be used to accomplish this, some more concentrated than others. The solutions our practices use are more effective than those available in over-the-counter kits available at the drugstore. No matter if the whitening is being done in our office or by the patient at home the process begins with our dentist taking impressions of the patient’s mouth and having a custom-made mouth tray fabricated to hold the whitening solution. The custom trays made by our practice ensure that the whitening solution is held snugly against the teeth. Again, this is more effective for whitening than the looser fitting trays of drugstore whitening kits. Our doctor will give you clear instructions on how and when to use the whitening system at home, which is where most of our patients prefer to whiten their teeth because of the convenience of not having to come to the office for additional appointments. Generally, patients will wear the solution-filled trays for two hours a day for about two weeks, depending on the degree of bleaching needed. After the bleaching period our doctor will compare the degree of whitening achieved by the process with the color of the teeth before whitening.

For those who want quicker results our Fulton dentist offers laser whitening. This process is done in our office using a concentrated whitening gel that is applied to the teeth and then subjected to laser light, which activates the crystals in the gel to absorb the energy from the light and penetrate the enamel that increases the whitening effect. In one session the whitening process is complete. The time is much shorter than traditional bleaching but the laser technique is more expensive. There is no need to live with dull, stained or yellow teeth call our office to set up an appointment to brighten your smile.

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