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Fulton MO Root Canal

Importance of oral hygiene following a root canal in Fulton MO

If you have a tooth that has damaged or infected pulp in its center, the only way it can be saved is with a root canal treatment. At our St. George Family Dental, practice, you can receive a Fulton MO root canal treatment which will save your tooth.

When a tooth has damaged or infected pulp, a Fulton MO root canal is necessary to save the tooth. The good news is the root canal treatments are effective in saving teeth in over 90% of cases. However, following a root canal procedure, it is important to have excellent oral hygiene to help ensure that the tooth remains healthy. When a tooth has a root canal treatment, all infected and damaged pulp is removed from the center of the tooth. The tooth is then thoroughly cleaned and sealed to prevent reinfection. However, if you do not practice excellent oral hygiene, reinfection can occur. Sometimes a seal may crack, and infection will reenter the tooth through this area. It is usually recommended that a person has a porcelain crown to cover the tooth after the root canal treatment is completed. If bacteria is allowed to gather at the base of the crown, it is more likely that the bacteria will be able to reenter the tooth. Additionally, the tooth is still able to get dental cavities. If you do not have excellent oral hygiene, it makes it more likely that dental cavities will occur. Should this happen, you will not be aware of any tooth pain due to the root canal procedure. However, the infection from the dental decay can reenter the tooth and cause the tooth to fail. For all these reasons, it is important to have excellent oral hygiene following a root canal treatment. You will also want to do this to make sure that your gums remain healthy, so that the tooth will be able to always remain firmly in place.

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